Undergraduate Courses

The University of Pittsburgh Department of Political Science offers a wide variety of courses, such as the following. Not all of these courses are offered each term, but you can search course offerings for current and upcoming terms.

A note on course numbers: Introductory course numbers start with a '0' and upper level course numbers start with a '1'. The second number in the four digit course number helps to indicate which field of study ( 2 = American, 3 = Comparative, 5 = World, 6 = Political Theory, 7 = Research Methods).

American Politics

0200 American Political Process
1201 American Constitutional Law
1202 Judicial Politics
1203 Women in Politics
1204 Ethnic and Religious Politics
1211 Legislative Process
1212 American Presidency
1213 Law and Politics
1230 Interest Group Politics
1231 Political Parties and Elections
1232 Political Attitudes and Public Opinion
1233 Political Psychology
1234 Electoral Behavior and Democratic Process
1235 Media and Politics
1241 Public Administration and Political Systems
1242 Intergovernmental Relations
1251 Urban Government
1252 State Government
1261 American Public Policy
1262 Health Policy in the USA
1263 Governments in the Economy
1264 Problems of Public Management
1265 Public Policy Implementation
1267 Environmental Politics and Policy
1275 Religion and Politics
1281 Honors Seminar in American Politics

Comparative Politics

0300 Comparative Politics
1302 Political Development
1303 Movement Politics 
1311 Western Europe Government and Politics
1312 British Government and Politics
1313 French Government and Politics
1314 German Government and Politics
1315 Italian Government and Politics
1316 Scandinavian Government and Politics
1317 Politics of the European Union
1321 Latin American Politics
1322 Latin American Political Development
1326 The Politics of Revolution
1328 Comparative and Development Administration
1331 Government and Politics of Southeast Asia
1332 Government and Politics in Contemporary China
1334 Vietnam War
1336 Contemporary China, Politics, Society, and Economy
1341 Government and Politics of the USSR and Russian Federation
1343 Comparative Socialist Political Systems
1346 Political East Europe
1347 Conflicts in Contemporary Europe
1348 Xenophobia in Modern Europe
1349 Transatlantic Market Place
1350 Russia, the CIS and European Union
1351 Government and Politics of the Middle East
1352 Introduction to African Politics
1353 African Liberation Movements
1361 Comparative Political Party Systems
1362 Comparative Urban Government
1363 Globalization and Law
1370 Special Topics
1371 Elites in Modern Society
1372 European Environmental Policy Making
1373 Welfare State in Comparative Perspective
1374 Politics of Global Inequality
1375 Religion and Politics
1378 Two Centuries of Democratization
1379 Is Fascism Back?
1381 Comparative Government Seminar

International Relations & Law

0500 World Politics
1501 Theory of International Relations
1502 International Law and Problems of World Order
1503 International Organization
1504 Nationalism
1509 Conflict and War Theory
1510 The Cold War: The Soviet Union and the West
1511 American Foreign Policy
1512 Europe After the Cold War
1513 Foreign Policies – Changing World
1514 Political Strategy in International Relations
1516 Transnational Politics
1518 Germany and Europe: A Foreign Policy Transformed
1521 Eastern Europe in World Politics
1522 Latin America in World Politics
1523 East Asia in World Politics
1530 New International Relations of Europe
1531 United States National Security
1533 Political Violence and Revolution
1542 Global Environmental Politics
1543 Globalization and International Politics
1544 Political Economy of American Trade Policy
1551 Cognitive Psychology and International Relations
1581 Honors Seminar in International Relations

Political Theory and Analysis

0600 Political Theory and Analysis
1601 Political Theory: Plato to Machiavelli
1602 Political Theory: Machiavelli to Rousseau
1603 Contemporary Political Thought
1604 European Social Thought and Political Practice
1605 Modern Political Ideologies
1607 American Political Thought
1611 Liberalism and Democracy
1612 Marxism
1613 Human Nature
1614 Theories of Justice
1622 Women and Political Theory
1623 Psychology and Politics
1629 Topics in Political Theory
1681 Seminar in Political Theory
1701 Field Methods of Political Research
1702 Analysis of Political Variables
1710 Formal Political Analysis

Additional Offerings

1836 Politics Through Film
1900 Internship
1901 Independent Study
1902 Directed Reading
1903 Directed Research