Andrew Lotz, Ph.D.
Teaching Assistant Professor and Advisor
4603 Posvar Hall

Students whose Peoplesoft ID is an even number are assigned to Dr. Lotz.


Horia Dijmarescu, Ph.D.
Teaching Assistant Professor and Advisor
4602C Posvar Hall

Students whose Peoplesoft ID is an odd number are assigned to Dr. Dijmarescu.

Welcome to the Political Science major!

After you declare your major, you will be automatically added to the PS major email list to receive important announcements about department policies, courses, and registration. These emails will be sent to your Pitt email address, and we strongly recommend that you read them.

The PS department is now swapping to using the Navigate Student app for scheduling of advising appointments. As always, students with odd peoplesoft numbers are encouraged to work with Dr. Long, and even peoplesoft numbers to work with Dr. Lotz. You can find both when scheduling advising appointments--as declared majors you'll see "4600 Posvar Hall - Political Science Advising" as an option. 

For those that have not used the app yet, you can get the details here on the Pitt Pathways webpage. For right now, our hours will be generally about a week in advance, which may stretch a bit more as the term goes forward and as we work within the system. As always, if no time exists that works for you, you can always e-mail us directly to coordinate a meeting timing for advising.

What kinds of things should you meet with, or email, your advisor about?

There are many reasons to go see an advisor, including: getting your academic hold lifted so you can register for classes, discussing your progress toward graduation, outlining a plan of study for your undergraduate career, considering a minor or certificate program, interning, studying abroad, doing research, getting a permission number for a PS class, academic problems or concerns, letters of recommendation, considering graduate school, applying for jobs, reviewing your resume, and more. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you need to email your advisor, please include your full name and PeopleSoft number in the email.

Want to check out what is required for graduation?

Are there other opportunities, awards, talks, etc. that you can attend?

Yes! To find out about them: