Burcu Savun

  • Director of Graduate Studies & Professor

Burcu Savun is a Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh, specializing in International Relations. Her primary research interests include civil wars, terrorism, conflict resolution, forced migration, and refugees. Her research has been published in the American Journal of Political Science, Journal of Politics, International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, Journal of Conflict Resolution, and Journal of Peace Research.


PS 0500 World Politics
PS 1534 Civil Wars
PS 1537 Peacemaking and Peacekeeping
PS 1581 Capstone Seminar in International Relations
PS 2534 Civil Wars (Graduate Seminar)
PS 2563 Peacemaking and Peacekeeping (Graduate Seminar)

Education & Training

  • PhD, Rice University, 2006

Representative Publications

Savun, Burcu. 2022. “Refugee Flows, Refugee Rights, and Political Violence” International Studies Quarterly 66(1).

Donno, Daniela, Kelly Morrison and Burcu Savun. 2022. “Not all Elections are Created Equal: Election Quality and Civil Conflict”. Journal of Politics. 84(1):134-147.

Savun, Burcu and Christian Gineste 2019. “From Protection to Persecution: Threat Environment & Refugee Scapegoating” Journal of Peace Research. 56(1): 88-102.

Gineste, Christian* and Burcu Savun. 2019. “Introducing POSVAR: A Dataset on Refugee-Related Violence” Journal of Peace Research. 56(1): 134-145.

Bormann, Nils-Christian and Burcu Savun. 2018. “Reputation, Concessions, and Territorial Civil War: Do Ethnic Dominoes Fall, or Don’t They?” Journal of Peace Research 55(5): 671–686.

Savun, Burcu and Daniel Tirone. 2018. “Foreign Aid as a Counterterrorism Tool: More Liberty, Less Terror?” Journal of Conflict Resolution 62(8): 1607-1635.

Cook, Scott and Burcu Savun. 2016. “New Democracies and the Risk of Civil Conflict: The Lasting Legacy of Military Rule” Journal of Peace Research 53: 745-757.


Research Interests

International Relations
Civil Wars
Conflict Resolution
Forced Migration and Refugees


Area of Study