Angie N. Ocampo-Roland

  • Assistant Professor

Angie N. Ocampo is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. Her research examines the social and political incorporation of racial and ethnic minorities, with a particular focus on the heterogeneity of the Latina/o/x population in the United States. Ocampo’s work compares multiple viewpoints, examining Latina/o/x political attitudes as well as those of White and Black Americans. Her current project examines where Latinas/os/xs fit into conceptualizations of who is an American, as well as the consequences of being included or excluded from this group. Ocampo received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in 2021.

Education & Training

  • University of Pennsylvania, 2021

Representative Publications

Ocampo, Angie N. and Chenoa A. Flippen. 2021. “Re-evaluating Intergroup Dynamics in the South: Racial Attitudes Among Latino Immigrants in Durham, NC.” Social Science Research 94:102504.

Ocampo, Angie N. and Angela X. Ocampo. 2020. “Disaggregating the Latina/o/x ‘Umbrella’: The Political Attitudes of US Colombians.” Latino Studies 18(3): 390-419.

Research Interests

Racial and Ethnic Politics
Latina/O/X Politics
Political Psychology
Public Opinion


Area of Study