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Our faculty is committed to active research agendas, state-of-the-art teaching, and strong mentorship of students.

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The Center for American Politics and Society (CAPS) promotes scholarship on American political behavior and institutions.

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American Politics

Students in American politics focus on questions of political behavior, elections, institutions, representation, and more

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European Politics

Students in European Politics can study the European Union, comparative regional integration, Western and Eastern Europe, and more.

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Political Methodology

Students in methods apply a variety of advanced, sophisticated techniques that are carefully designed to suit the special features of political data.

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Latin American Politics

Faculty in Latin American Politics use cutting-edge techniques in survey design, network analysis, qualitative analysis, and statistical methods.

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World Politics

Students in World Politics can study international organization and governance, international political economy, conflict and security and more.


About Political Science | Scholarship & Education

The faculty actively conducts research that advances systematic knowledge of domestic and international political processes, behavior, institutions, organizations, public opinion and policy issues. Graduate students learn—through both coursework and by collaborating with faculty—to answer interesting, relevant questions using a variety of appropriate and sophisticated methods. Our undergraduate curriculum focuses on analytic, communication, and research skills that prepare students for a range of careers in the public and private sectors and in academia.

commitment to teaching

We offer state-of- the-art teaching by research-active faculty members working at the cutting edge of the discipline while working closely with students.

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Ariel C. Armony received his PhD in Political Science in 1998 and is the new director of the University Center for International Studies at Pitt.

fields of study

Teaching and coursework at the undergraduate level are comprised of American Politics, Comparative Politics, Political Theory, and World Politics.