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American Politics

Learn the underlying logic of governance and the forces that shape policy decisions.

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Comparative Politics

Research and teaching cut across world regions and the usual disciplinary sub-fields.

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Political Theory

From Plato to Machiavelli to Marx, learn about the thinkers and theories shaping politics through the ages.

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World Politics

Students in the department acquire the knowledge to analyze the most pressing political issues of the 21st century.

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European Politics

Students and faculty have access to five area studies centers and other resources for international study.

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Latin American Politics

A major strength of the department for decades.

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Political Behavior

Mass behavior includes voting, participation, public opinion, communication, political psychology, and more.

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Methods courses prepare students to produce cutting-edge research.

About Political Science

Scholarship & Education

The faculty actively conducts research that advances systematic knowledge of domestic and international political processes, behavior, institutions, organizations, public opinion and policy issues. Graduate students learn—through both coursework and by collaborating with faculty—to answer interesting, relevant questions using a variety of appropriate and sophisticated methods. Our undergraduate curriculum focuses on analytic, communication, and research skills that prepare students for a range of careers in the public and private sectors and in academia.

Commitment to Teaching

We offer state-of-the-art teaching by research-active faculty members working at the cutting edge of the discipline. Through a range of smaller upper-level courses and capstone seminars, students can interact closely with faculty members, and we provide various opportunities to learn through research and internships
as well as encourage
international study
and study abroad.

Alumni Profile


Ariel C. Armony received his PhD in Political Science in 1998 and is the new director of the University Center for International Studies at Pitt...

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