Jude C. Hays PhD, University of Minnesota, 2000

4612 WWPH

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Areas of Expertise

Comparative and International Political Economy, International Relations and Foreign Policy, and Quantitative Methods and Formal Models




Cheibub, Jose A. and Jude C. Hays. Forthcoming. "Elections and Civil War in Africa" in Political Science Research and Methods [LINK]

Hays, Jude C., Emily U. Schilling and Frederick J. Boehmke. 2015. "Accounting for Right Cencoring in Interdependent Duration Analysis", Political Analysis, 23(3): 400-414 [LINK]

Franzese, Robert J. Jr, Jude C. Hays and Aya Kachi. 2012."Modeling History Dependence in Network-Bahvior Coevolution". Political Analysis, 20(2): 175-190 [LINK]

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Franzese, Robert J. Jr and Jude C. Hays. 2007. "Spatial-Econometric Models of Cross-Sectional Interdependence in Political-Science Panel and TSCS Data." Political Analysis 15(2):140-164

Hays, Jude C. 2003. "Globalization and Capital Taxation in Consensus and Majoritarian Democracies." World Politics 56(1):79-11


PS 0700 Research Methods in Political Science

PS 1543 International Political Economy