Michael MacKenzie

  • Assistant Professor

Michael K. MacKenzie’s research interests include democratic theory, intergenerational relations, deliberation, Canadian politics, environmental policy, political representation, institutional design, and public engagement.

Professor MacKenzie holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of British Columbia (2013) and a Master’s degree in Political Science and Social Statistics from McGill University (2006). In 2006-07 he worked as a policy analyst and facilitator with the Ontario Citizens’ Assembly on Electoral Reform. Before coming to the University of Pittsburgh he was a Democracy Fellow and post-doctoral researcher at the Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation at the Harvard Kennedy School.

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of British Columbia, 2013

Representative Publications

MacKenzie, M. K. (Forthcoming). Future Publics: Democracy, Deliberation, and Future-Regarding Action. New York: Oxford University Press.

MacKenzie, M. K. (2020) 'Democratic Philanthropy.’ Contemporary Political Theory. Online First.

MacKenzie, M. K. & Moore, A. (2020) 'Democratic Non-Participation.’ Polity 52(3): 430–459.

Loewen, P. & MacKenzie, M. K. (2019) 'Service Representation in a Federal System: A Field Experiment.' Journal of Experimental Political Science 6(2):  93-107.

MacKenzie, M. K. (2018) ‘Deliberation and Long-Term Decisions: Representing Future Generations.’ In Bächtiger, A., J.S. Dryzek, J.Mansbridge, and M.E. Warren (Eds.) The Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

MacKenzie, M. K. (2016). ‘Institutional Design and Sources of Short-Termism.’ In A. Gosseries & I. González-Ricoy (Eds.), Political Institutions for Future Generations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

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Thomas, P. E. J., Loewen, P. J., & MacKenzie, M. K. (2013). ‘Fair Isn’t Always Equal: Constituency Population and the Quality of Representation in Canada.’ Canadian Journal of Political Science, 46 (2), 273-293

O'Doherty, K., MacKenzie, M. K., Badulescu, D., & Burgess, M. M. (2013). ‘Explosives, Genomics, and the Environment: Conducting Public Deliberation on Topics of Complex Science and Social    Controversy.’ Sage Open, 3, 1-16

MacKenzie, M. K., & Warren, M. E. (2012). ‘Two Trust-Based Uses of Minipublics in Democratic Systems.’ In J. Parkinson & J. Mansbridge (Eds.), Deliberative Systems: Deliberative Democracy at the Large Scale. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

MacKenzie, M. K., & O'Doherty, K. (2011). ‘Deliberating Future Issues: Minipublics and Salmon Genomics.’ Journal of Public Deliberation, 7 (1), Article 5 pp. 1-27.

Research Interests

Democratic Theory
Intergenerational Relations
Canadian Politics
Environmental Policy
Political Representation
Institutional Design
Public Engagement


Area of Study