Kira Pronin

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate

Kira Pronin is a Postdoctoral Research Associate in Experimental Political Economy in the Political Science Department. She earned her PhD in Political Science from University of Pittsburgh (2020/2021), and a Master of Economics from University of Bergen, Norway (2008).  Her research focuses on deliberation and consensus-building within legislative and policy-making institutions. She uses rational choice and behavioral models, statistical analysis, and laboratory experiments to tease out institutional mechanisms which promote deliberation and help in negotiating agreement even when there is polarization. Her dissertation, which uses the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM) method and hand-collected data on 2,705 Swedish advisory commissions between 1990 to 2018, examines whether governments can build broad consensus on policy by soliciting advise from independent commissions of experts and stakeholders. She is currently working on several lab experiments on deliberation and collective decision-making, and on a book on the institutional origins and future of Sweden’s consensus-oriented policymaking system.  

Courses Taught

Media and Politics
Research Methods (TA)
Introduction to Comparative Politics (TA)
Introducation to American Politics (TA)

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of Pittsburgh, 2021

Representative Publications

Dahlström, C., Lundberg, E. & Pronin, K. (2021) “No more compromise? Swedish Commissions of Inquiry 1990-2016.” Scandinavian Political Studies, 4(44), 416-440.

Bonneau, C. W. Kelly, J.T., Pronin, K., Redman, S. M. & Zarit, M. (2016) “Evaluating the Effects of Multiple Opinion Rationales on Supreme Court Legitimacy” American Politics Research, 45(3), 335-365.

Lunawat, R., Stecher, J., Pronin, K., & Dickhaut, John W. (2011) “Decision Making and Trade without Probabilities.” Economic Theory, 48(2-3) 275-288.

Dahlström, C., Lundberg, E. & Pronin, K. (2019). “The Swedish Commissions of Inquiry 1990‒2016” SNS (Centre for Business and Policy Studies) Research Brief 59.


Pronin, K. & Woon, J. “Does allowing private communication lead to less prosocial collective choice?” (R&R)

Woon, J., Jang, M., Pronin, K. & Jacob Schiller. “Discussion and the Fairness of Majority Rule.” (Under review)

Pronin, Kira “Including a broad range of stakeholders on advisory commissions builds consensus.”

Research Interests

Legislative Politics
Nordic/Scandinavian Politics
Consensus Democracy
Laboratory Experiments
Formal Models
Comparative Political Economy


Area of Study