Iza (Yue) Ding

  • Assistant Professor

Iza Ding is Assistant Professor of Political Science with a courtesy appointment in Public Policy. She is a scholar of comparative political development, with published works on environmental policymaking and implementation, environmental attitudes and behavior, bureaucratic organizations, populism, nationalism, democratic backsliding, and the rule of law.  


0300 Introduction to Comparative Politics
1381 Political Economy of Development
2020 Empirical Methods of Research
1381 Democratic Erosion
1328 Authoritarian Politics
1332 Government and Politics of Contemporary China
1336 Business and Political Economy of Modern China
2904 Dissertation Overview


Education & Training

  • PhD, Harvard University, 2016

Representative Publications

Iza Ding. 2022. The Performative State: Public Scrutiny and Environmental Governance in China. Cornell University Press.

Graham Beattie, Iza Ding, Andrea La Nauze. 2022. “Is There an Energy Efficiency Gap in China? Evidence from an Information Experiment.” Journal of Environmental Economics and Management 115: 102713

Iza Ding and Michael Thompson-Brusstar. 2021. "The Anti-Bureaucratic Ghost in the Bureaucratic Machine." China Quarterly. 

Iza Ding, Dan Slater, and Huseyin Zengin. 2021. "Populism and the Past: Restoring, Redeeming, and Retaining the Nation.” Studies in Comparative International Development 56(2): 148-169.

Iza Ding and Dan Slater. 2021. “Democratic Decoupling.” Democratization 28(1): 63-80.

Iza Ding and Jeffrey Javed. 2021. “The Autocrat’s Moral-Legal Dilemma: Popular Morality and Legal Institutions in China.” Comparative Political Studies 54(6): 989-1022.

Iza Ding. 2020. “Performative Governance.” World Politics 72(4): 525-56.

Research Interests

Environmental Politics and Policy
Politics of Autocracy and Democracy


Area of Study