Alex Honeker

Alex is a PhD candidate in Political Science specializing in political behavior. His research interests lie at the intersection of political psychology, political economy, and party politics, and focus on the determinants of individual attitudes on globalization and the role played by party elites in shaping voters’ preferences and rival parties’ positioning. Specifically, his research explores these questions: 1) What is the effect of populist elite rhetoric on voters’ globalization attitudes? 2) What explains the adoption of protectionist rhetoric by populist right parties? 3) What is the effect of populist electoral success on mainstream parties’ positioning on globalization?

He explores these topics with a regional focus on Europe and employing both experimental and observational research methods.

Education & Training

  • MA, Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 2019
  • MA, Public Policy, Universidad Torcuato Di Tella, 2018
  • BA, Political Science, University of Mississippi, 2009

Representative Publications

"Pro-Trade Nationalists and Protectionist Xenophobes? The Conditional Effects of Psychological Factors on Trade Attitudes."  2022.  Review of International Political Economy. (Online First). 

Research Interests

Party Politics, Political Psychology, Political Economy, Globalization Politics, Survey Experiments, Quantitative Text Analysis


Area of Study