Shane Redman

Shane is currently a PhD student in Political Science, specializing in American politics and political behavior. He is also currently working as a Data Project Manager at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan. Much of his research interests focus on political attitudes among members of historically marginalized groups in the United States. His dissertation, funded by an NSF doctoral dissertation improvement grant, examines the expectations that individuals hold of representation among judges in state courts. Using an experimental design, he examines how the intersection of descriptive racial and gender representation, substantive representation, and individuals' representation expectations affect judicial legitimacy and other court evaluations. Shane has also taught several undergraduate courses at Pitt, including Intro to American Politics, Legislative Politics, and Women in Politics.

Education & Training

  • MA, Political Science, University of Pittsburgh, 2015
  • MPA, Eastern Michigan University, 2013
  • BA, Political Science & German, University of Michigan, 2010

Representative Publications

Redman, Shane M.  2018.  “Effects of Same-Sex Legislation on Attitudes toward Homosexuality.”  Political Research Quarterly 71:  628-641.

Bonneau, Chris W. and Shane M. Redman.  2017.  “Citizens United v. FEC.”  In Encyclopedia of American Civil Rights and Liberties, Revised and Expanded Edition.  Edited by Kara Stooksbury, Otis Stephens, and John Scheb.  Santa Barbara, CA:  ABC-CLIO.

Redman, Shane M.  2017.  “Descriptive Gender Representation and Legitimacy in U.S. Trial Courts.”  Justice System Journal 38:  311-331.

Bonneau, Chris W., Jarrod T. Kelly, Kira Pronin, Shane M. Redman, and Matthew Zarit.  2017.  “Evaluating the Effects of Multiple Opinion Rationales on Supreme Court Legitimacy.”  American Politics Research 45:  335-365.

Bonneau, Chris W. and Shane M. Redman.  2015.  “Much Ado About Nothing:  The Irrelevance of Williams-Yulee v. The Florida Bar on the Conduct of Judicial Elections.”  Vanderbilt Law Review En Banc 68:  31-41.

Research Interest Summary

Representation, Public Opinion, Judicial Politics, State & Local Politics, Experimental Methods


Area of Study