Raymond E. Owen

  • Professor Emeritus

Community Service and Consulting

Fellow, Policy Board, The Institute of Politics, 1990 - 2000.
Lecturer, Harkness Fellows Orientation Program, 1990, 1991, 1992.
USAID Lecturer in Health Care Finance, University of the West Indies, 
Kingston, Jamaica, 1985, 1986
Member, Local Advisory Committee, Urban Institute Study of the Effects of the Reagan
Administration budget cuts on Non-Profit social service institutions, 1982, 1986.
Judge of Elections, elected to a four year term, 1973-1976, 19th district, 14th ward.
Consultant, Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office, 1976-1982.
Consultant, City of Pittsburgh Government Study Commission, charter revision, 1973.
Consultant, Borough of Penn Hills, Government Study Commission, 1973.

University Committees and Service

Chair, Executive Committee SSCRI, 1991-1992.
Chair, Faculty Senate Inquiry into the Sasaki report, 1990.
FAS Council, 1989-1992.
University Research Council, 1982 - 1985.
Secretary, FAS Tenure Council, 1982-1983.
Selection Committee, FAS Tenure Council, 1982-1983.
Chair, Faculty Senate Evaluation Committee - Semester at Sea, 1982.
Faculty Senate Tenure and Promotions Review Board, 1973-76, 1981-1982.
Urban Studies Program Executive Committee, 1970 - 1983.
Health Policy Steering Committee, GSPH, 1980-1983.
Departmental Committees on Graduate Curriculum, Graduate Admissions, Graduate Awards, Faculty searches, and Program Development, annually, for many years.
Coordinator, Departmental Colloquium, 1983-1984.
Co-Founder (with Tracy Strong and Kurt Baier), Politics and Philosophy Program, 1974.

Doctoral Dissertations Directed

1974 - Leon L. Haley, “Incrementalism in State Policy-Making; Housing Interest Groups in New York and Pennsylvania.”
1975 - Walter A. Bunt, Jr., “A Comparative Study of Low Income Housing Services in Germany and the United States with a specific focus on two cities, Essen and Pittsburgh.”
1982 - Morton Coleman, “Liberal Theories of Pluralism and Current Urban Corporatism.”
1983 - George McClomb, “A Two State comparison of the Implementation of the Older American Act.”

I have served as a reader on about twenty other dissertations in Political Science and other departments, notably in History and in the Graduate School of Public Health.

Courses Taught


American Political System; Comparative Politics- Europe; Urban Government and Politics; Liberal Democracy; Problems in Public Management; Health Policy in the U.S.; Field Research Methods; Seminar in Urban Policy Analysis.


Metropolitics; Theories and Concepts in Political Science; the Federal Health Establishment; The Health Policy Process; Empirical Methods of Research.

Education & Training

  • PhD, SUNY Buffalo, 1971

Representative Publications


“From Organization to Personalism: The Transmogrification of the Local Political Party,”
(With M. Margolis), Polity, XVII:2, pp. 313-328.

“The Politics of Spending Federal Money,” in Alberta Sbragia (ed.), The Municipal Money Chase, (Boulder: Westview Press, 1983).

A survey manual for State Legislators (Pittsburgh: University Center for International Studies, 1975). Reprinted in Spanish, Peru, 1985.

“On rubbing Raw the Sores of Discontent: Competing Theories and Data on the Effects of Participation in A Black Protest Group, “ Sociological Focus 8:2 (April, 1975), 143-159.

“ Parties, Primaries, and Fundamentals; A study of turnout in a Machine Arena,” paper delivered at the 1984 New York State Meetings; Albany.

“Estimating Demand for Health Care and Intra-Familial Income Transfer in An Aging Cohort,” (with R. Frank), a statistical study of a ten year panel. Supported by a Faculty Research Fellowship, UCSUR.

“Household Composition and Life Satisfaction Among the Elderly,” (with J. Climo) 1983

“Devolution and the Political Context in Scotland,” (with James Kellas) delivered at the 1977 meetings of the APSA, Washington, D.C.

“Costs, Categories, and Patterns in Urban Public Finance,” 1977 workshops of the 
European Consortium for Political research, Berlin.

“The Political Dynamics of Urban Poverty,” 1969 Annual Meetings, APSA, New York.

“A Study of Racial Discrimination in Jury Selection” – Allegheny County Office of the District Attorney – funded by the Mellon Foundation.

Work in Progress

Health Policy in the U.S. – a book length study of the history and context of U.S. health policy since 1983.

Economic Development in U.S. Cities –a book of notes and readings on economic development theories and projects in the U.S.

Research Interests

1. Urban Politics and Policy – Health care; criminal justice; public finance.
2. Research Methods and Analysis – Design, statistical analysis.
3. Political Theory – Empirical studies in Democratic Theory.