Marianne Batista

Marianne is a PhD student focusing on Comparative Politics and Latin America, with experience in academia, government and private sector. Her current research spams from the role of bureaucracies in policy implementation, to the ideological mismatch between voters and legislators in Latin America. During her Master’s at UCSD, Marianne participated in research about the military industrial scientific complex in Brazil; the creation of the New Development Bank by the BRICS; and Brazil’s role in the global arena in the 2000s. Prior to attending Pitt, she was responsible for operations for Brazil and Portugal at a multinational tech company. Previously in Brazil, she worked as a Business Analyst for the Consulate General of Argentina in São Paulo.

Education & Training

  • Master of International Affairs, University of California, San Diego 2015
  • Bachelor in International Relations, Universidade de São Paulo 2010

Research Interests

Latin America, democracy, bureaucracies, elections, regional integration


Area of Study