Iza (Yue) Ding

  • Assistant Professor

Iza Ding is an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh with a secondary appointment in Public Policy at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.  Her research examines post-socialist political and economic development, with a substantive focus on bureaucracy, public opinion, and environmental politics, and a regional focus on Asia (China and Vietnam in particular) and Central and Eastern Europe.  


1328 Authoritarian Statecraft and the Arts of Resistance

1332 Government and Politics of Contemporary China

1336 Business and Political Economy of Modern China

2020 Empirical Methods of Research

Authoritarian Politics

Education & Training

  • PhD, Harvard University, 2016

Representative Publications

Ding, Iza, Marek Hlavac. 2017. “‘Right Choice’; Restorative Nationalism and Right-wing Populism in Central and Eastern Europe.” Chinese Political Science Review 2 (427-444).

“Environmental Governance in China: State, Society, and Market” (with Jesse Turiel and John Liu). 2017. Governance and Public policy in China.

Research Interests

Global and Local Environmental Politics and Governance Political Economy of Development
Politics of Authoritarian Regimes
Politics of Post-Socialist Regimes
Social Psychology


Area of Study