Eun Young Kim

Eun Young is currently a PhD candidate in Political Science, specializing in Comparative Politics and International Relations. Much of her research focuses on inequality, political polarization and comparative political economy. Her dissertation examines how increased inequality, especially house prices inequality, affects political polarization looking at different political actors such as parties, legislators, and voters. In her dissertation, Eun Young uses roll-call data of the Korean legislature and campaign brochures from Korean elections to measure the preferences of legislators and candidates. Her other research also includes the effects of migration and remittances on the level of inequality and political participation in developing countries. Eun Young has experience in teaching Comparative Politics at the undergraduate level at Pitt.



Prior to coming to Pittsburgh, Eun Young was a foreign service officer in the Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the head of HR and Administration at the Permanent Delegation of the Republic of Korea to the OECD in France. She also worked as a partnership consultant at the UN-APCICT in Korea and as a research intern at the Asia Foundation in Malaysia.



Education & Training

  • MPA, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2013
  • MA, International Studies, Seoul National University, 2007
  • BA, Western History, Korea University, 2005


Area of Study