Danny Choi

  • Assistant Professor

Donghyun Danny Choi an Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on two broad themes: democratic representation and identity politics. His first book project, Severed Connections: Intraparty Politics and Representation in Democratic Africa,  investigates how political parties and the nature of candidate selection institutions influence the relationship between elected representatives and their constituents in new democracies. His second book project, Norms, Ideas, and Identities: Overcoming Discrimination Against Immigrants, examines the extent to which common norms, identities, and ideas can reduce prejudice and discrimination against immigrants and ultimately facilitate their inclusion in democratic polities. He also has a series of papers and projects on these two themes. Danny received his PhD in Political Science from UC Berkeley in 2018 and was previously a pre/postdoctoral fellow at the Identity & Conflict Lab, University of Pennsylvania.

Courses Taught

PS1352: Introduction to African Politics
PS1381: Comparative Politics Capstone Seminar: Building Democracy Around the World
PS1702: Coding and Computational Social Science

Education & Training

  • PhD, University of California, Berkeley, 2018

Representative Publications

Linguistic Assimilation Does Not Reduce Discrimination Against Immigrants (with M. Poertner and N. Sambanis) Journal of Experimental Political Science. 2020. Forthcoming

Parochialism, Social Norms, and Discrimination Against Immigrants (with M. Poertner and N. Sambanis) Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 2019. 116 (33), 16274–16279. 

Fuzzy Sets on Shaky Ground? Parametric and Specification Sensitivity in fsQCA (with C. Krogslund and M. Poertner) Political Analysis. 2015. 23 (1), 21–41.

Research Interests

Democratic Representation
Political Parties and Elections
Identity Politics
African Politics


Area of Study