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2014-2015 Job Market Candidates

American Politics

Ian Cook

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Ian explores how political actors attempt to shape understanding, and thus action, by influencing the institutions and environments in which they share information. His methods include formal tools, laboratory experiments, and the analysis of text as data.

Eric Loepp

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Eric's primary research focuses on the mediating role of political information in attitude formation. His dissertation explores how specific policy information can help voters make political decisions when other pieces of information available to them are in conflict. Other research interests address primary elections, campaigning, and political parties.

Benjamin Melusky

Benjamin’s research is focused on the effects of and implications of institutional rules and design features on the interactions between political actors, in particular focusing on the ways executives and legislatures interact with one another as well as the ways in which elected officials interact with their constituents.  His other research interests involve issues of representation, elections, and gender. 

Comparative Politics

Andrea Aldrich

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Andrea's research is focused on political parties, institutional structures, and legislative behavior. Her current research investigates variation in the quality of representation in legislative institutions by examining the relationships between political parties and legislative activity in Europe. It emphasizes the relationship between the organizational structure of political parties, their electoral goals, and legislative outcomes in the European Parliment with special attention to the new member states and the incorporation of multi-level politics in newer democracies.

Ignacio Arana Araya

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Ignacio studies how the individual differences of presidents have an impact on relevant political outcomes. In his dissertation he argues that presidents who are risk-prone and have an assertive personality are more likely to attempt to change the constitution to increase their powers or extend their terms. His second line of inquiry is the comparative study of institutions, with a focus in Latin America. He has solo-authored publications in the Journal of Legislative Studies, Latin American Politics and Society, Latin American Perspectives and Política. 

Yasemin Irepoglu Carreras

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Yasemin studies the link between decentralization, governance and inequality in her dissertation, for which she has conducted fieldwork in Spain, Germany, Sweden and France. In addition to her main area of research, she is also interested in researching and teaching international organizations and foreign policy. Her co-authored work has been published in Electoral Studies and Turkish Studies, and she has authored a book chapter on global trends in inequality and governance issues.

John Polga-Hecimovich

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John Polga-Hecimovich is a PhD Candidate in Comparative Politics at the University of Pittsburgh. His research interests include comparative bureaucratic studies, executive-legislative relations, and political parties, with a geographical focus on Latin America. He has published articles in the Journal of Politics, Electoral Studies, Political Research Quarterly, Party Politics, Latin American Politics and Society, Journal of Politics in Latin America and the Revista de Ciencia Política.

Reynaldo Rojo Mendoza

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Reynaldo’s research examines the consequences of violence for mass political behavior and how it affects human rights and democracy. His dissertation explores the effect of violent crime on political activism, forced displacement, and vigilante justice in Mexico. His broader research agenda focuses on the evaluation of development programs in conflict and post-conflict societies.

World Politics

Sarah Cormack Patton

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Sarah is a political economist whose research interests lie at the nexus of comparative politics and international relations. She is interested in how the cross-border movement of goods, capital, and people impacts the domestic policy-making process, and how domestic policies affects these cross-border flows. Her current research examines these interactions through the lens of international migration.

Jennifer Laks Hutnick

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Jennifer's research focuses on issues associated with international law, international organizations, and international political economy. Her dissertation examines how a state's past experience at a dispute settlement mechanism of an international trade organization influences the state's decision to utilize a regional instead of a global, multilateral forum to resolve future trade disputes.